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5 reasons to choose Terms.Tech as your flexible B2B payments provider

Terms.Tech enables your business to grow and succeed.

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Competitive advantage

With a growing number of platforms that connect shippers with carriers and sellers and buyers, stay competitive by offering the best digital payment terms and service on the market. Flexible B2B payment terms enable competitive advantages for you and your customers.

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Digital payment terms

Modernise your B2B payments provision by offering your customers a modern, frictionless payment experience. When you integrate our digital deferred payments solution into your platform you provide the digital experience that the people behind businesses have come to expect. Flexible. Fast. Easy to use.

Icon of paper money flying through the air representing 'Fast and consistent cash flow' from B2B payments.

Fast and consistent cash flow

Your cash flow and working capital are key to a successful business. We pay up front and the buyer pays us back via payment terms up to 90 days or in instalments. It’s a win-win for you and your customers.

Icon of a credit card and a check mark representing 'fine-tuned credit check' for B2B payments.

Fine-tuned credit check

Give your business the reputation it deserves. With our in-house-developed eligibility assessment tool, you can rest assured that we extend payment terms only to those with a good credit rating. Not only is our process lightning fast, it takes the pressure off of you to run your own checks.

Icon of a badge with a warning triangle and exclamation mark respresenting 'Risk-free terms' for B2B payments

Risk-free terms

Any non-payments? That’s not your problem anymore! Our Buy Now, Pay Later solution is completely risk-free for you. Any payment defaults due to fraud or non-payment are on us. This way you can reduce your risk while focusing on what you do best. Terms.Tech helps you to build your business wisely and safely.

Ready to grow your business with us?

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