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White Label World Expo includes thousands of white label and private label goods suppliers and manufacturers. Learn about Terms.Tech's B2B payment service.

Hi! We’re Terms.Tech, and our mission is to revolutionise B2B payment terms with unparalleled flexibility and custom design for European merchants and marketplaces. This article features the upcoming White Label World Expo, where you can meet us in person. Get in touch!

The White Label World Expo is coming up next week! This is THE opportunity to connect with 1000’s of top white & private label goods suppliers and manufacturers. 

The event, taking place in Frankfurt am Main from 11-12 October 2023, includes over 300 exhibitors and at least 150 seminars featuring a tremendous range of speakers from well-known and behind-the-scenes companies.

So many B2B suppliers and buyers not just from Europe, but from around the whole world! A great place to cut deals, start up negotiations, find out what’s new and improved… Or, just have a coffee, enjoy some talks, and build up your network.

What are some of the seminar topics?

You might be wondering what the speakers will focus on. Here’s a taste of some of the topics that we find interesting:

  • Digital Export Solutions for White Label Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Leveraging AI for eCommerce
  • Building Lasting Connections in the Digital Era
  • Maximise your online revenue with intelligent financing decisions
  • How to create stickiness – what makes customers coming back
  • Best Purchasing Conditions and ESG Conformity For SMEs
  • Cross-border Logistics Mastery: Overcoming Obstacles for Online Sales Growth in Europe
  • Digital Export Solutions for Whitelabel Manufacturers & Distributors

Don’t let us guide you too much, though. Check the speaker list for the full batch of seminar titles and speakers.

How can I keep busy at White Label World Expo?

Things won’t get boring, that’s for sure! In addition to catching as many talks as you can, we’ve got some more recommendations for you:

🌟 Find out about oodles of white label and private label products of 2023.

🔥 Snag exclusive product offers and competition entries, both now and during the event.

🤝 Network with top e-commerce professionals for potential clients, customers, and partners.

🛍️ Source in-demand products by meeting leading suppliers, manufacturers, and wholesalers.

📇 Showcase your business with the Business Connections Wall.

🔍 And don’t forget the E-Market Research Hub for expert guidance on online business ventures.

What sorts of industries attend the expo?

White Label World Expo focuses on so many amazing industries! Home and Kitchen. Clothing, Shoes, Jewellery, Health and Household, Pet Supplies, Beauty, Personal Care, Food and Bev, Toys and Games, Tech and Electronics, Office Products and more!

What is Terms.Tech?

Terms.Tech is a Belgium-based European delayed payment terms service helping business customers improve cash flow and grow sales. It delivers Buy Now, Pay Later services for any business need.

One-click checkout? Yep. Custom solutions for complex B2B platforms? You betcha! Payment collection responsibility? Yes, even that! Human, friendly customer-driven approach? Absolutely!

By efficiently providing instant payment terms decisions, debt collection, and a white label option, Terms.Tech is an unmatched B2B payments specialist. Even more, Terms.Tech has coverage across the EEA and Switzerland, making Terms.Tech the go-to choice for European businesses looking for an easy-to-integrate customer-friendly BNPL solution.

How can Terms.Tech help your white label goods supply business?

👋 See you at the White Label World Expo:

🗓️ 11-12 October 2023

📍 Messe Frankfurt 🇩🇪

🎟️ FREE! (but, get your ticket in advance)

Or, why even wait to find out more? Get in touch with our Terms.Tech consultants and see what the best BNPL solution is for you. 🤝