Breakbulk industry meets B2B Buy Now, Pay Later – AntwerpXL


Breakbulk and B2B Buy Now, Pay Later – where traditional trade meets innovative finance. Terms.Tech goes to AntwerpXL conference 28-30 November!

Breakbulk and B2B Buy Now, Pay Later – where traditional trade meets innovative finance. Terms.Tech is really happy to announce our presence at the AntwerpXL conference this week – 28-30 November!

Understanding the breakbulk industry

This year’s edition of AntwerpXL is titled “The Future of Breakbulk”. The breakbulk industry is the backbone of global trade. We’re not talking about containers – heavy materials and large dimensions! It’s about moving the massive, so machinery, steel beams, building materials, oversized goods, and so on. 

Breakbulk ensures they travel from point A to B safely and efficiently. This sector demands precision, expertise, and a financial structure that understands its unique challenges. In a modern world so focused on digital this and digital that, breakbulk is  essential in creating our physical world.

Moving transactions into the future with B2B Buy Now, Pay Later

Imagine sealing the deal on crucial cargo without the immediate cash-flow strain. B2B Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) is a game-changer that allows businesses to purchase goods or services needed right away while deferring payment for an agreed-upon period. Setting up deferred payment terms can be a financial breath of fresh air! It provides flexibility and makes it easier to manage working capital more effectively.

AntwerpXL: where industry meets innovation

AntwerpXL is more than a conference – it’s the heartbeat of this heavy-duty community. Set in (of course!) Antwerp, Belgium, from 28-30 November 2023, AntwerpXL is where cargo industry experts, exhibitors, and enthusiasts converge. It’s a place for connection, discovery, and learning, all at the heart of Europe’s breakbulk market. And, it’s not just all about breakbulk: heavy lift, roro (roll on, roll off cargo), and project cargo are all part of the event, too! 

Lift your cargo cash flow and reduce your risks

Terms.Tech is ready to ‘lift’ your cash flow and help you mitigate risk, especially around late payments and collections. We can’t wait to connect with industry leaders, showcase our B2B payment terms solutions like BNPL, and discuss how we can facilitate smoother trade in the breakbulk realm.

Meet us there and let’s steer the financing future of breakbulk together.

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