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Food & Beverage

The food & beverage industry’s estimated worth was 5.34 trillion euros in 2022. That will push up to 8.47 trillion euros by 2027. Brick and mortar shops have traditionally carried out wholesale food & beverage buying and selling. Trade credit through payment terms has typically been offered manually. However, this changed in 2020 when we witness…

Shipping & Logistics

Shipping & logistics is the backbone of international trade. Their value was over 8.4 trillion euros in 2021. The industry is projected to reach about 13.7 trillion euros by 2027. The rise of B2B e-commerce and the consequent growth of cross-border trade drives shippers to look for flexible and innovative payment options. Why? How do Terms.Tech …

Freelance and Contracting

Freelancing, the so-called “gig economy”, has been growing steadily for years. It is estimated that by the end of 2023, the global freelance market economy is likely to reach 415 billion euros. This number is set to nearly double by 2028. This context means there are ample opportunities for smart payment solutions and their inevitable evolution …


The agriculture industry plays a vital role in feeding the world’s population. It’s valued at over 11.24 trillion euros and projected to grow to 17.25 trillion euros by 2027. As the demand for agricultural products continues to rise, farmers and suppliers face various cash flow management challenges, particularly seasonality, investing in much …

Construction industry

The construction industry plays a crucial role in infrastructure development and economic growth. Its global market value in 2022 was 7.53 trillion euros, and it’s expected to reach 9.46 trillion euros by 2025, and then almost double by 2030 to 13.23 trillion euros! However, construction businesses often face challenges related to lengthy payment …


The electronics industry is a thriving market, valued at over 3.17 trillion euros in 2022. With rapid technological advancements and increasing demand for consumer electronics, businesses in this sector strive to remain competitive by capturing and maintaining market share. Terms.Tech has introduced payment terms as a strategic solution for …

Events & hospitality

The events and hospitality industry is a vibrant and essential sector encompassing various types of businesses, including hotels, restaurants, event organisers, and travel agents. With a global worth exceeding 4.03 trillion euros in 2022, the events and hospitality industry is growing quickly. It’s projected to reach 2.1 trillion euros by 2025 …

5 reasons to choose Terms.Tech as your payment terms provider

Enhance customer experience

B2B customers love to pay for goods with credit. Offer Terms.Tech’s payment terms at your checkout and watch your conversion rates increase while you attract new customers. Flexible. Fast. Easy to use.

Larger transaction sizes = grow revenue

Without providing payment terms, only a few B2B customers would be brave enough to make large transactions. Our credit limit strategy of up to EUR 200k makes the buying decision easier.

Fast and consistent cash flow

Your cash flow and working capital are key to a successful business. We pay you up front and the buyer pays us back via payment terms up to 90 days or in instalments. It’s a win-win for you and your customers.

Fine-tuned credit check

Give your business the reputation it deserves. With our in-house-developed eligibility assessment tool, you can rest assured that we extend payment terms only to those with a good credit rating. Not only is our process lightning fast, it takes the pressure off of you to run your own checks.

Risk-free terms

Any non-payments? That’s not your problem anymore! Our Buy Now, Pay Later solution is completely risk-free for you. Any payment defaults due to fraud or non-payment are on us. This way you can reduce your risk while focusing on what you do best. Terms.Tech helps you to build your business wisely and safely.

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