Wine Now, Pay Later – ProWein 2024 vendors raise a glass to Terms.Tech’s B2B BNPL payments solution


ProWein 2024 is the international meeting place for the beverage industry. Terms.Tech's Robby Timmermans will be there to show you how our B2B payment terms will give you the edge!

Terms.Tech will be at ProWein, the premier global trade fair for wines and spirits (and even craft beer) 10-12 March. This amazingly tasty event showcases the beverage industry‘s latest trends and products to an international audience of experts.

Spirits will be high because Prowein:

πŸ‡ celebrates 30 years as the comprehensive international wine and spirits showcase.
πŸ‡ attracts international visitors seeking new vintages and industry trends.
πŸ‡ provides exclusive admission for industry connoisseurs guaranteeing an expert audience.
πŸ‡ ensures professional master classes and tastings.
πŸ‡ results in a high volume of business deals within a professional setting.

Not just wine at ProWein

The Dusseldorf event is your ultimate destination for discovering an expansive selection of wines, spirits, and more, alongside innovative retail and gastronomy marketing accessories. This exciting international event: 

🌱 offers a range from renowned wines to niche cultivation areas.
🍾 includes sparkling wines, champagnes, and a variety of excellent spirits.
🍻 showcases the latest in craft spirits and craft beer trends.
πŸ§€ features creative accessories for marketing in retail and gastronomy.
πŸ“Š provides insights into the latest industry trends and product innovations.

One for the road

How can your B2B beverage-related operation de-stress? Drive days sales outstanding (DSO) down and cash flow up? Join forces with Terms.Tech. The beverage industry and our B2B BNPL solution – offering payment terms up to 120 days across all of the EEA and even Switzerland – are the pairing of the year! A delectable choice. 

Let’s discuss these questions and more!

🎯 How does Terms.Tech work for B2B transactions?
🎯 What makes Terms.Tech’s service different from traditional B2B financing options?
🎯 How does Terms.Tech ensure that payments are on time and in full?
🎯 Who’s responsible for collecting late payments?
🎯 What kind of partnership opportunities could we explore with Terms.Tech?

They say wine improves with age! Well, we agree, but also extend that idea to your business and its financial health: your customer lifetime value improves with Terms.Tech!

Meet Terms.Tech’s Senior Account Manager, Robby Timmermans!
At Prowein 10-12 March in Dusseldorf, Germany.
Contact us here.

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