B2B marketplace payments. BNPL. Collaboration – An interview with Cédric Nève, CEO at Digiteal


Cedric Neve - CEO at Digiteal

Nowadays, there’s no stopping the lightning speed at which digital payments need to evolve – faster than we could ever have imagined! Marketplace payments are a great example of this rapid transformation.

BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) by Terms.Tech, powered by Digiteal, is a solution which provides European B2B customers with flexible payment options. Both serviceshave joined forces to create more efficient workflows and a better experience for clients end-to-end.

In this interview, Digiteal CEO, Cédric Nève, presents how BNPL has been created and why companies should use it. And more!

Could you sum up Digiteal and its role as a Terms.Tech provider?

Digiteal is a certified Payment Institution regulated by the National Bank of Belgium. Our mission is to help merchants get paid faster, more regularly and at a lower cost. As such, we’re glad to provide the Terms.Tech marketplace payments service in partnership with AREA42

Digiteal takes care of all the regulated aspects linked to the service as is the contracting party while AREA42 provides the in-depth risk analysis based on its expertise in company credit scoring, the technical implementation and the funds to pay the merchants early.

What joint products do you offer to your clients?

Terms.Tech’s service gives B2B payment terms to the buyer and settlement to the merchant as soon as the goods/service has been delivered. This way, it’s a unique B2B BNPL solution that can be used throughout the EEA to reduce friction with marketplace payments.

The e-payment and marketplace payments services are part of Terms.Tech’s offering – to not only deliver BNPL but also more traditional pay/reserve upon ordering services.

How would you describe the partnership with AREA42? Why is it efficient?

The partnership is excellent because it’s built on the strengths of each company, so together we can deliver a great product. We appreciate working with the very talented people at AREA42 and Terms.Tech, who build on the experience of Credendo to explore new opportunities and deliver innovative services.

What are the advantages of implementing BNPL by Terms.Tech & Digiteal on a B2B marketplace?

Digiteal, together with AREA42, provides the perfect bundle of payment services for B2B e-commerce and marketplaces. By enabling payment after 30/60/90 (even 120!) days after the delivery, Terms.Tech increases the conversion rate and the amounts spent by companies. It frees up their cash flow that would otherwise be reserved for ordering and this enables their company to require less capital to achieve a better turn-over.

By also guaranteeing the payment, the company spares expensive collection costs and the associated uncertainty. Higher conversion of bigger orders with the certainty to get paid makes it an incredible combination!

Besides BNPL and marketplace payments, what are Digiteal’s other services?

Digiteal provides:

  • B2B e-invoicing services through the Peppol network, 
  • all things payment related from card payments, account to account, direct debit, tokenization, and
  • realtime access to bank statements.

Our main customers are companies providing accounting, CRM, ERP, invoicing software, that wish to embed those regulated services into their products. We provide the APIs and they do their magic to deliver great products.

In a few lines, what are your future projects?

Through better payments and embedded finance, our objective is to improve the competitiveness of EU companies in a sustainable way. Harnessing the power of Open Banking, Instant Settlement, PSD3/PSR, the digital Euro and many other evolutions is what keeps us busy and enables us to constantly improve our products and the value we deliver to our customers. 

To get back to our mission:

  • Helping the merchant get paid faster means that the payment that the customer made should be in the bank account of the merchant in less than 20 seconds. 
  • Helping the merchant get paid more regularly means that they should be able to get mandates or card tokens in a secure way to avoid fraud and increase the chances of successful regular payments.
  • Helping the merchant pay less in transaction fees means taking advantage of account-to-account and the digital Euro to drastically reduce the dependencies on foreign card networks and the price by using European alternatives.

Start your marketplace payments journey with Terms.Tech and Digiteal

If you represent a B2B marketplace (or a B2B merchant) get in touch with us and let’s get you started using Terms.Tech and Digiteal to get the top European B2B BNPL solution. We’re looking forward to helping your company succeed.

This interview has been prepared and conducted by Anne-Sophie Sartori from Digiteal. Thank you, Anne, for contributing to Terms.Tech’s blog page.