Industrial maintenance firms can fix cash flow with B2B BNPL: Terms.Tech goes to Maintenance 2024


Maintenance is the industrial maintenance industry event for Europe! Terms.Tech's B2B payment terms and BNPL are perfect for the maintenance industry.

Terms.Tech will be at Maintenance 2024, the leading trade event for industrial maintenance, 20-21 March at Antwerp Expo. This incredible event highlights the latest trends, products, and services for production-oriented maintenance in Europe.

What is Maintenance?

According to Maintenance 2024, “Suppliers of maintenance services, technical, supervisory & managerial functions from asset-intensive industries come together to discover tools & technologies for maintenance and improvement of production equipment and industrial assets, including innovative solutions for their digital transformation.”

Physical meets digital

In a world that’s increasingly digital, the maintenance expo showcases a fascinating blend of physical tools, equipment, and tasks that remind us of the tangible side of technology and industry. 

With exhibits ranging from (remote) condition monitoring, advanced diagnostic tools, and environmental management solutions to the forefront of Industrie 4.0 technologies like predictive maintenance and AI-driven analytics, the expo is a testament to how physical and digital realms intertwine. 

It highlights the cool, indispensable role that hands-on tools, machines, and engineering services play in keeping our modern, connected world running smoothly. The world falls apart without noise and vibration monitoring, welding and joining materials, surface and corrosion treatment, water and contamination management, and of course very humble but reliable scaffolding. 

What sectors does Maintenance cater to?

Maintenance is a wide-ranging event with so many sectors represented. These include: (Petro) Chemistry, Food & Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, (Waste) Water, Metal, Manufacturing Industry, Rolling Assets, Maritime, Aviation, Civil Infrastructure, Mining & Extraction, Recycling, Paper, Plastics, and also includes Healthcare, Building and Facility Management, and Defense. 

Who goes to Maintenance?

🧑‍🔧 5000 visitors – multi-sector engineers, C-suites, buyers, technical managers

🧑‍🔧 300 exhibitors – the perfect meeting place for the industrial maintenance community

🧑‍🔧 2-in-1 event – joining forces and sharing space with Pumps & Valves, the biennial trade fair for industrial fluid and gas technology. We’re pumped up about this!

Maintain and improve your cash flow

Cost pressures and cost management, budgeting issues, and digitalization emerge as main challenges in the maintenance industry. (1, 2, 3

How can your B2B maintenance operation improve cash flow and advance an operation’s digitalisation? Look no further than Terms.Tech’s B2B BNPL solution. Maintenance is a complicated and challenging business and we can take some of the pressure off. How?

With payment terms up to 120 days across all of the EEA and even Switzerland, robust risk management, and no more worries about unpaid invoices from your buyers because we pay when you deliver – and then we take on the payment collections responsibilities.

Meet Terms.Tech’s Senior Account Manager, Robby Timmermans!
At Maintenance 2024: 20-21 March at Antwerp Expo.
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