Revolutionising payment terms: Terms.Tech heads to Money20/20 Europe!


Image announcing Terms.Tech will be at Money20/20 Europe 6-8 June 2023 with FinTech Belgium at Stand B152. The text on the image says "Terms.Tech. Taking your cash flow to new heights. Learn about our payment terms solution.

We are heading to Money20/20 Europe, one of the most anticipated finance events of the year! This year, we are thrilled that Terms.Tech, a payment terms solution, will be joining FinTech Belgium as part of their Belgian Country Pavilion 🇧🇪.

Close your eyes and picture a bustling gathering buzzing with innovation. A place where the brightest minds converge to share their secrets and unveil the latest trends. It’s like a high-stakes poker game where banks, payment providers, and tech wizards go “all-in” to shape the future of the financial universe.

What is Money20/20 Europe?

Money20/20 Europe is a leading fintech conference and expo that focuses on the future of money and finance. It brings together industry professionals, innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders from around the world. It features the latest trends, technologies, and developments in the financial technology sector.

It’s huge: 7500+ attendees and 2300+ companies for networking, collaborating, and knowledge-sharing. Who’s there? Representatives from banks, Payment Service Providers, technology companies, regulators, investors, and startups. Topics include everything related to financial services. This includes banking, payments, trade technology (TradeTech), digital currencies, blockchain, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, regtech, insurtech, and more.

Terms.Tech is a unique payment terms solution for B2B

Money20/20 Europe is a perfect fit for Terms.Tech, a unique European payment terms solution helping business customers improve cash flow and grow sales. Terms.Tech delivers Buy Now, Pay Later services for any business need. From one-click checkout to custom solutions for complex B2B platforms. Terms.Tech funds smaller recurring transactions up to €70k and larger purchases up to €200k.

By efficiently providing instant payment terms decisions, debt collection, and whitelabeling, Terms.Tech meets today’s business demands. Backed by Credendo and born out of AREA42, Terms.Tech is based in Belgium with coverage across the EEA and Switzerland. Terms.Tech is the go-to choice for European businesses looking for an easy-to-integrate customer-friendly B2B BNPL solution.

Learn more about Terms.Tech at Money20/20

🚀 Our Terms.Tech Sales Strategy Manager, Rron Ulaj, is going to be at Money20/20 Europe and he’ll be thrilled to showcase our innovative European BNPL solution for you. Rron’s looking forward to making making some “interest”ing new connections! (Pun intended! It was too good to resist!)

First of all, he’s really easy to talk to, so don’t worry. But, maybe you’re struggling to think of talking points to strike up a conversation with Rron? Try any of these questions and he’ll be happy to walk you through whatever you’d like to know about Terms.Tech.

  • 🎯 How does Terms.Tech work for B2B transactions?
  • 🎯 What makes Terms.Tech’s service different from traditional B2B financing options?
  • 🎯 Are there any eligibility requirements or restrictions for businesses or marketplaces that want to team up with Terms.Tech?
  • 🎯 How does Terms.Tech ensure that payments are on time and in full?
  • 🎯 Who’s responsible for collecting late payments?
  • 🎯 What’s the advantage of a white label service?
  • 🎯 Who are Terms.Tech’s partners and what advantages do these partnerships bring?
  • 🎯 How does your partnership with make you a unique payment partner?
  • 🎯 What kind of partnership opportunities could we explore with Terms.Tech?
  • 🎯 What kind of support and resources do you offer to businesses that use your service?

🤝 We can’t wait to forge new partnerships to redefine the future of trade. We’re excited to share insights with industry experts like you, and discover new trends and innovations. B2B marketplace or e-commerce? Involved in B2B trade? PSP? Then come have a chat and find out what Terms.Tech can do for you.

Read more about the benefits of using a BNPL for B2B solution here.

When and where is Money20/20 Europe?

🗓️ 6-8 June 2023 

📍🇳🇱 Amsterdam 

📍🇧🇪 You’ll find Terms.Tech at FinTech Belgium’s Belgian Country Pavilion: Stand B152. 

What if I can’t go to the conference?

Can’t make it to Money20/20 Europe? No problem! Visit Terms.Tech to discover how we’re reshaping B2B payments and get in contact online. 

Also, make sure to follow us on LinkedIn.