Terms.Tech Solutions

Our technological bricks easily adapt to the needs and specificities of all merchants, whatever your size or industry – from simple turnkey hosted solutions to fully embedded solutions.

What do we offer?

Hosted solution

Perfect for multi-channel sales. Whether processing an order in-store, by phone or by email, your customers can use payment terms to pay now or pay later via our hosted solution.

Embedded solution

Designed for e-commerce platforms. From complex workflows for multi-party platforms to simple integrations with optimal user experiences.

How will you use it?

Hosted solution

Our hosted payment gateway redirects your buyers to a secured payment page that we manage. We set up the gateway for you. All you need to do is provide the payment link or trigger an automated email to your users at the point of sale.

Embedded solution

Our payment gateway will be embedded in your e-commerce or marketplace thanks to our REST APIs and webhooks. We purposely designed our APIs to integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. If needed, our developers support you for a perfect fit.

Which solution is best for you?

Hosted solution

SMEs processing offline or seeking a test period before graduating to a full integration.

Embedded solution

B2B e-commerce platforms including marketplaces and other multi-party business models.


Hosted solution

Quickly gain access to powerful payment tools without any technical integration. Get up and running in just a couple of days.

Embedded solution

Scale your business and improve sales conversion through our co-designed payment workflows.

Explainer Video

Your customers benefit from Terms.Tech’s payment terms solution not only because it covers the financial side, but also because it’s ridiculously easy to use at checkout.

Terms.Tech offers a customisable payment terms solution to B2B marketplaces, merchants and PSPs. So, if you’re looking to increase your – and your customers’ – sales, revenue, buying power, and cash flow, then this is the payment experience you’ve been looking for. 

We take away the headaches by focusing on the pain points our customers have told us about. We provide liquidity, risk management, instant credit decisions, debt collection and straightforward and easy-to-use reporting.

A smooth checkout experience is one of the most important things! You don’t want customers abandoning their cart because the option they need isn’t there, or the process is too complicated. Click on the video and you’ll see how clear and easy to navigate check out can be when you use Terms.Tech.