Customer success: Rron Ulaj – Interview with our experts


Rron Ulaj - Head of Customer Success at Terms.Tech

Customer Success is highly important to running a business based on high-quality relationships. Terms.Tech doesn’t believe in just making a sale and moving on. We value enduring, long-lasting business partnerships. For us, if our customers are successful, so are we.

So, what does the Head of Customer Success do? Rron works closely with our customers to ensure they’re maximising the benefits of Terms.Tech and that they get the support and tools needed to achieve their goals with our B2B payments solutions.

How did you get started with Terms.Tech and how has your role evolved?

So, I stumbled into the TradeTech world of AREA42 and Terms.Tech back in 2021, starting as the Sales Strategy Manager. For over a year that was a fulfilling role, but considering how Terms.Tech is evolving, I’ve recently taken on the responsibilities and awesome challenges and opportunities that the Head of Customer Success role provides. 

Why did I join in the first place? Remote work and the opportunity to operate in a mix of cultures had me sold – it’s just what I was looking for. Not only that, Terms.Tech’s vision and mission and the thrilling journey that a young payments startup will take were equally attractive. 

Moving on from traditional banking into a FinTech startup like this has been like learning to ride a bike – scary and exciting but also addictive!

What excites and motivates you in your role as Head of Customer Success?

The rush comes from guiding our clients through the maze of finance and technology jargon and watching them not only get their heads round it, but rocking it. Helping them figure out how to get the most out of Terms.Tech with their customers gets me out of bed in the morning. 

I’m not just pushing products. I’m in the business of making success stories and figuring out ways to co-create the best solution for each customer – that’s what drives me and is always the main focus of everyone behind Terms.Tech.

How do you approach challenges in your mission and how do you ensure Terms.Tech customers are delighted?

Piecing together the complexities of B2B BNPL solutions can be a jigsaw puzzle, but we love a good challenge at Terms.Tech. Our mission is not just about delivering cutting-edge payments solutions; it’s about ensuring our customers are grinning from ear to ear. 

We stick to the basics and put a high premium on personal contact and relationship development: keeping in touch frequently, offering tailor-made support, and tackling problems head-on. 

Turning bumps in the road into growth opportunities – that’s the best way to keep our customers delighted.

Terms.Tech's Head of Customer Success at a conference
Rron Ulaj – Terms.Tech’s Head of Customer Success – ready to build strong relationships

From your perspective as Head of Customer Success, what differentiates Terms.Tech from the competition?

Terms.Tech is the perfect blend of FinTech smarts, established experience, a dedication to keeping our clients happy, and a startup vibe that’s all about pushing the boundaries. 

I truly believe we do Buy Now, Pay Later for B2B payments in a unique way compared to the competition. We’re not just giving you a product; we’re co-creators in our clients’ growth stories, not just a solution provider. 

This co-piloting approach lets us enable our customers to get on the right payments pathway just for each of them.

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What advice would you give to aspiring customer success managers?

This sort of role needs a lot more than just knowing tech and finance. What I mean is that it focuses more on relationship building, not just technical support. 

My background in banking and sales has given me a broad, well-rounded perspective to tackle the needs of clients. Based on that, I’d recommend cutting your teeth and picking up experiences in other areas of a business before taking on the challenges of customer success. Those previous experiences will help with empathy and knowing where solutions might be hiding.

A bit more challenging is this: be a mind reader! You’ll need to anticipate issues before they pop up. Also, treat every hiccup or issue as a chance to find solutions and create and solidify customer satisfaction, rather than as problems or failures.

And, just for fun, what have you been listening to, watching, and/or reading lately?

Lately, podcasts I’m listening to are on “How I Built This” and audiobooks that spill the beans on business strategies. The couch potato in me is hooked on mind-bending documentaries. Reading-wise, I’m juggling FinTech blogs and the classics – because why not mix some tech brilliance with timeless content? It’s a wild ride of learning and entertainment, mirroring the unpredictable journey at Terms.Tech.

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