Our logo represents our company’s image. Please treat it with caution.

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  • In most scenarios, our preference is to use the complete logo, the one with the Terms.Tech name and the T.
  • If you possess the authorization to use our logo, please make use of the files provided here and adhere to the associated guidelines. Please avoid embarking on any recreation or reinvention.
  • When it comes to permissions, kindly refrain from using our logo in advertising, clothing, or merchandise without securing our prior approval.

Logo mark

Our logo is a simple ‘T’ divided into two parts, with our brand’s primary and secondary colours.

Favicon and Webclip

For the favicon (the small icon displayed in browser tabs) and webclip (the icon visible to smartphone users when they add a shortcut to your site on their home screen), please adhere to the following guidelines.

Clear space

The ideal clear space means having an equal amount of space on both sides of the logo mark.


Various logo versions are available to select, depending on the context in which you’d like to use them. Based on the background colour, you can use either the white or blue logo.

Full-colour logo

The full-colour logo may only be used with these specified backgrounds:

One-colour logo

You have a choice between two options:

  • White (#FFFFFF)
  • Midnight Blue (#01026F)

Only use these on photographs and colour backgrounds that fall within the confines of the Terms.Tech colour palette. Here are some examples:


Despite its small size, it carries a significant message. The Terms.Tech logo demonstrates a trustworthy payments service with a friendly, personalised customer experience.

On display
What not to do

Avoid any form of alteration, cropping, skewing, outlining, distortion, or recreation of the logo.

Avoid using the full-colour logo on a background colour that hasn’t received approval or on a low-contrast photograph.

Never use the Terms.Tech name as it appears in the logo without the accompanying logo mark.

Avoid using the full-colour logo on the core colour backgrounds.

Do not alter the orientation of the logo mark beyond the point where it is not readable.

Do not modify the logo colour.