Terms.Tech teams up with Merchant Payments Ecosystem 2023


Hey there, payment lovers! We’re excited to be joining the 16th annual Merchant Payments Ecosystem taking place in Berlin, 28-30 March. Yes, that’s less than a week away! 

Terms.Tech’s embedded finance solution for European Payment Service Providers

Terms.Tech is embedding the tech into payment terms! Stop by our Terms.tech / AREA42 booth! Jessica Nemeth (our Product Manager) and Rron Ulaj (our Sales Strategy Manager) are looking forward to meeting you. Jessica and Rron will be bringing their expertise in embedded finance and deferred payments to the forefront. 

They’re eager to talk payment innovations and showcase our cutting edge B2B Buy Now, Pay Later solution! 

What to expect from a European B2B embedded finance solution

Terms.Tech delivers B2B payment terms at checkout, with an experience users have come to expect from B2C. Jessica and Rron will show you what Terms.tech has to offer – speed, flexibility, easy integration, and peace of mind in a complex and ever-changing space! Let’s talk “terms”! Come chat with them about all things payments!

We offer unmatched flexibility. With Terms.Tech buyers can choose immediate payment or extend due dates all the way up to 120 days. Meanwhile, sellers get paid upfront, so both parties in a transaction can optimise their cash flow. Our innovative, straightforward payment services are custom-designed for European merchants and marketplaces. In fact, we cover all of the EEA plus Switzerland – you can’t beat that in Europe! 

Want to learn about our payment terms solutions? 

How do we approach embedded finance? 

What differentiates Terms.tech from other digital deferred payments services? 

How does Terms.tech partner up with PSPs?

Why do B2B marketplaces turn to Terms.tech? 

How can Terms.tech help a company’s cash flow? 

How fast and easy is it to integrate Terms.tech? 

Why do my customers need BNPL by Terms.tech?

What is AREA42 and how is it reshaping and recoding B2B trade?

What are the next steps in creating a risk savvy trade environment?

What is Merchant Payments Ecosystem?

Merchant Payments Ecosystem uniquely focuses on merchant payments. MPE connects the entire payment value chain: merchants, bank acquirers, PSPs, card schemes, regulators, fintechs, start-ups, TradeTech pioneers, blockchains, and everyone in between.  

The event focuses on all topics related to the world of payments. Some of these include: B2B payments, regulations & standards, open finance, data, digital identity, new frontiers for payments, payments of tomorrow, sustainable payments, cross-border payments, and of course fraud prevention & cybersecurity.

When and where to find Terms.Tech at Merchant Payments Ecosystem

Find us at Merchant Payments Ecosystem, 28-30 March in Berlin!

Where can you find Jessica and Rron? Look no further than the Terms.Tech / AREA42 booth – number W20 in the Wintergarden of the Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin.

How can you be sure to have a chat with them? MPE is deploying the Brella app so conference-goers can find each other and set up meetups.

When it comes to payments, Terms.Tech’s Jessica and Rron have got you covered. They’ll show you how partnering with Terms.Tech can help companies grow their businesses, find new customers, and delight current ones. Not only that, Jessica and Rron can tell you more about everything AREA42 is working on in the B2B TradeTech space, including its new venture-building studio called MISSION42.

So grab your coffee ☕ , come and say “hello” 🤝 , pick their brains, expand your network, and start building the foundation to a wonderful new partnership with Terms.Tech.

Together, let’s make Merchant Payments Ecosystem 2023 one to remember! See you there!

Missed the conference? Don’t worry, you can contact us here to set up a chat with our consultants. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.